Work with booking channels

Rules of working with

Rules of working with


  • Reservations deletion from sales channels and/or change their status remain in the system and are not uploaded to extranets.
  • Change of check-in and check-out dates (number of days of stay) is carried out ONLY in extranets of sales channels.
  • In the case of not settling the guest, the status of “No show” is noted in the reservation on the extranet.
  • CATEGORICALLY NOT RECOMMENDED to move the reservation received from the channel to another room type, because in case of canceling the reservation by a guest or channel, both room types will be available for sale, which may be a reason of OVERBOOKING.


  • 3 rates rack rate, fit rate and non-refundable rate are imported into the system along with the room types.
  • Matching is done with rack rate and non-refundable rate.
  • Rate matching are made to each room type for each type of placement present in the channel.

Rules of working with

IMPORTANT!!! Placing more than 2 people on the channel is not installed.


  • In case the rate is no longer used in the accommodation facility. There are 2 options for stopping sales at the rate. It is recommended to remove or deactivate the rate on the extranet of the channel independently or through the account manager. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to create a new restriction rule, close sales for all room types in the restriction desk, link it to the rate and make additional unloading.


Restrictions affect the ability to book at the rate as well as the availability of room reservations in room types.

  • Closed – closes all rooms of the room type for sale at the rate to which the restriction is attached.
  • Closed to arrival – Not applicable
  • Closed to departure – Not applicable
  • Minimum length of stay – Not applicable
  • Maximum length of stay – Not applicable
  • Minimum length of stay on arrival – Not applicable

IMPORTANT!!! The minimum length of stay is set on extranet.

In the case of adding new rates, room types, types of accommodation on the extranet, it is MANDATORY to do a match with the system and unload it.

After fundamental changes and additional unloading it is MANDATORY to do the verification of information in extranets of channels.

You have to do additional unloading in case of:

  • First connection to the channel
  • Changes in allocation management of the channel
  • Changes in the duration of the demand period (season)
  • Adding/deleting rooms in an existing room type
  • Matching of new room type/rate/restrictions with a sales channel
  • After synchronization is turned off to optimize the Front desk and then turn it on

Technical support staff don’t have access to extranets of accommodation facilities registered in OtelMS, respectively, the relevance of the data on the extranet must be checked independently.

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